Attempt Number Two

Attempt Number Two

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About a year ago I sat here typing a very similar message. A note on my desire to actually share the blog posts I write in my head. During long slogs up our characteristically rocky northwest trails or the hours I commute on the bus my mind is always turning over words and ideas. I am honest with myself; I did not have enough motivation or dedication a year ago.

So here goes attempt number two.

My goals stay largely the same. I hope to share my love of being outside and my explorations of living deliberately, adventurously, and in accord with the environment.  I am fascinated by what it means to be connected to the natural world, and how I, as one individual, can help other people experience some degree of this connection to nature as well.  I also love gear, and will finally share many of the reviews I have accumulated over two years in the outdoor industry.

These explorations will manifest in visual art, photography, trip reports and reflections. I hope that in reading about these hikes, artistic endeavors, and adventures you might leave with a little inspiration to go out and see for yourself how our feet can come to know a trail or how a paintbrush can create deep knowledge of a place.

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