A Perfect Morning

A Perfect Morning

Trail running doesn’t really agree with my body. My hips, knees, and feet do not align perfectly, and my ankles are inflexible. But, this didn’t stop me from trying out a new way to explore the trails near my home. While I do not run much right now, this is a reflection from a magical morning when for the first time I experienced what my running friends describe as “flow.” Originally Published November 2015.

At the beginning of November, I went on my favorite trail run yet. It was the morning after the first hard frost, and I brought my camera along on a whim. My camera is a constant companion on all of my hikes, as it helps me to interact with the landscape and be more observant. Bringing it today made this one of the most joyful runs yet, as I paid greater attention to the beauty around me.

Here is an excerpt from my journal reflection on the morning;

“I run – alone, at peace, and marveling at the beauty around me. Just me and the trees and the smell of rain. Today I feel strong, for the first time stepping lightly and moving gracefully.

I revel in the way the light is filtered through the trees and casts strips of white across the trail, light that started so pale and is now warming as the sun rises. The gentle yellow rays catch on the mist, ethereal bands, manifest light.

With my camera bouncing on my chest I relish letting my artist’s eye have free reign on a trail I know well. Today I move with and through the landscape. Happy.”

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